im creating a universe, and i cant wait to share it with u :3

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Hi :3 so it's me. Kuma!

Kuma, A.K.A. that freaky lovecraftian teddy bear who makes all sorts of art n stuff.

few weeks ago I released an album called "Neon Streaks and Swirls (In That River of Holy Black Cum)". it's basically the debut LP from Kuma (Ive released so much music over the years, but this is the first full-length album by Kuma, AKA...).

it's ab me n my tentacles and all the freaky stuff that comes w that hehe

it's also the first album that I've collaborated w other ppl on, along w being my first concept album (it actually explores the character of Kuma through their present experiences, their memories from past lives, and through their new human friends and how they've affected Kuma). I wanted to evoke a whole spectrum of emotions-- this shit can go from utterly bleak to utterly euphoric to fucking horny as hell and back to bleak again in minutes.

there's way more to be said ab it than that, and if u wanna know more, here r some links to the album (there are descriptions n stuff if u wanna read more ab the concept):



lastly I jus wanna say to anyone that's discovered my stuff on here and shown an interest in it, if you've followed me or reviewed something I uploaded, if u've msgd me or even just rated or downloaded anything I've put on this website, I'm so grateful for you-- and more importantly I'm just so happy that u connected w my work. like... I didn't realize it when I was younger, but connection is what it's always been about. sharing feelings, finding resonance in others. pushing each other to explore ourselves in new ways, helping each other grow beyond the horizons we used to think were dead ends.

ugh newgrounds makes me so sentimental x3

anyway, u shld check it out!!! its definitely the single piece of work that I'm most proud to have released

<3, Kuma


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